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Tips to use the elevator in your building


Tips to use the elevator in your building

Life in apartment buildings today requires the use of elevators, especially if it is accommodation on upper floors.

Of course, elevators are very useful for residents of houses, but they also present risks related to the safety of people. This is why there are basic rules to follow in order to use the elevators properly.

1- The first advice is that you must not tamper with the internal buttons while the elevator is working. This precaution is not to disturb the running program of the elevator and not to cause a surprise to the operation.

2- Children should not use the elevator without the accompaniment of adults, this will protect them against any danger that could be caused by the immature mind of the children.

3- Do not use the stop button from inside the elevator, except in dangerous situations only.

4- It is necessary to use the alarm button or the emergency bell in case of sudden stop of the elevator, and to ask for help, with restraint and calm, and not to attempt to go out unnaturally or to break the glass of the doors.

5- Maintain the cleanliness of the elevator inside and outside and do not throw anything away as this interferes with the opening and closing movement of the doors.

6- Never use the elevator when you hear a strange or abnormal noise, such as friction of the elevator, for example when raising and lowering or its jerking, and therefore the electric current must be disconnected and inform the company to perform maintenance.

7- The building concierge is responsible for providing assistance in the event of a sudden stop of the elevator, and therefore, guards should be trained on how to manually move the elevator hoist to the turn on the closer when it stops for any reason, to training on how to open the emergency door with the emergency key.

In light of the above, we sincerely hope that you benefit from this advice, as it only brings good for you and your family in your residence.

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