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How to equip your home fitness room ?

How to equip your home fitness room ?

Who among us does not wish one day to have our own hall in their house dedicated to sport? certainly, it could be a dream for those who do not have additional rooms to do so, while there is another category of people who already have this possibility but who lack ideas or time to do it.

To tell the truth, the suitable environment to set up a sports hall (fitness and gym) is that of the basement of a villa or the terrace of the top floor of a house. This is due to two main reasons, which are the large surface area and the need for ventilation in a sports space which must be sufficiently oxygenated.

We now present the basic sports equipment to have in the home gym :

SPORT MAT : it is seen as a basic equipment to have in the fitness room, because it allows athletes to practice the sports actions of stretching on the floor, while creating a certain cushioning avoiding frank shocks between the human body and ground.

DUMBBELLS & DISCS : these are metal parts used mainly for strength training exercises for the arms, in order to increase the strength of its users. They are calibrated by different masses and predefined by kilograms (1 Kg, 2 Kg, 3 Kg ...).

GYMNASTIC BALLS : These are colorful air balls made by a malleable plastic material. They are used to help athletes perform remote-controlled coaching exercises on all parts of the body targeted by the exercises.

PUNCHING BOX : it is a bag wrapped in leather or the like which contains a heavy non-hard mass, it is often suspended on a ceiling to help sportsmen to carry out boxing exercises using blows of hands or even kicks.

ELASTIC BANDS : they are elastic rings which are of great use for people wishing to do gymnastic exercises, especially for muscles where it is difficult to target them with conventional exercises. For example, you can use the bands on the feet to perform exercises targeting the hips or the legs.

TREADMILLS : it is an electrically operated device containing a treadmill whose purpose is to allow the user to run without moving from position. Indeed, the pace of the race is controllable on these devices because it allows to adjust the speed of rotation of the treadmill as well as the instant setting of the time of the exercise. Similarly, these devices can also provide data related to the number of calories burned, as well as the average heartbeat, hence the name cardio exercises.

GYMNASTIC BIKE : it is also a second famous electric device to have in the home gym, it is precisely a bicycle that is not mobile, that is to say that allows the user to train in move from its position. Likewise, it allows you to make appropriate adjustments to each need.

As you have noticed, there are seven basic equipments to have in a gym: 2 electric cardio machines, and 5 sports accessories. Their total purchase price will cost you around $ 2000 on average.

Finally, to avoid boredom in the home gym, it is absolutely necessary to create a sound animation frame, or simply install a smart television (Smart TV) connected to WiFi, which can be used as a means of broadcasting videos. training led by experienced coaches in the field.