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What pesticides can we use in our home gardens ?

What pesticides can we use in our home gardens ?

The development of a garden within a villa is a project that requires a considerable budget, this data suggests the fact that we should not waste this budget by taking care of our garden. This reflection leads to the implementation of essential means for the preservation of the garden.

Nowadays, among the means to adopt there is the classic maintenance schedule of our garden, but there is also the introduction of some chemicals for the fight against harmful living organisms. This is exactly the purpose of the advice below.


Naturally, green spaces are known as a place of gathering and life for many living organisms. These microbiological beings are generally difficult to see with the naked eye, and they get into plants, flowers and even fruits if there are any in the garden.

The problem here is not that they live in our garden, but it should be pointed out that these bacteria cause harmful effects on the plants, which makes the garden in a terrible state. It is in this sense that appears the interest to use once a month a campaign of spraying chemicals intended especially for this case. These products are sold in bottles ranging from 1 Liter to 3 Liter, and contain spray heads to help sprinkle.


As with microbiological bacteria, insects can also cause harmful effects on the garden because there are categories of insects that eat anything green in the garden. In addition, there is another type of insect that does not really have a harmful effect on plants, such as those that come out of sewers like cicadas, but they are considered harmful for hygiene by the fact that they carry viruses.

For this purpose, there are two types of products to use for insects: the first is the spray bottles to be sprinkled directly on the plants, and the second is the classic insecticides that are used to fight against flies and cicadas.


Rats and mice are animals that cause panic effects for locals and visitors alike, and are believed to be the source of poor hygiene and disease.

The use of pest control chemicals at the edges of the garden and near sewers is strongly recommended. But we must especially be careful to protect them from children by attaching a sign indicating that it is a dangerous product.


Reptiles like snakes and scorpions can cause fatal injury to people if they are bitten, they are known by the fact that they carry poison in their body.

The deployment of a dereptilization campaign during the summer would be very beneficial for all members of the family, and this by using well-defined anti-reptile products available in the market.

All in all, pesticide products have benefits for the safety, health and preservation of the garden, but we must also recognize the harmful effect of these products, and that we must use them while wearing specific clothing and clothing. gloves. Likewise, you have to think about diluting the concentration of these products by opting for watering with plenty of water, and also store them in a specific and hidden place.