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Two kinds of interior flooring trends in the house

In the field of home decoration, we think of the floor covering from the architectural construction phase, especially when it comes to surfaces that we do not want to put carpets. With that, homeowners find it very difficult to choose the type of coverings to consider in the home.

To avoid being confused by the multiple tile choices that exist in the market, here we present the two most attractive flooring trends today, along with associated features. The first is the wood covering, and the second is the ceramic flooring.


Today, the use of parquet in flooring is no longer a restriction on luxury and bourgeois homes, it is beginning to be considered also by middle-class citizens. In other words, its price is becoming less and less expensive and it is within the reach of everyone in supermarkets.

There are two categories of wood in the markets to be used in this direction. The first is oak wood, and the second is faux wood, which is cheaper than the first. Both are available in different sizes to make a mosaic either based on rectangular units or based on square units.

As for the patterns, there are parquet woods which include loaded patterns, and others lightly loaded. Regarding colors, the four trends that are very popular among people are light brown color, beige color, gray color, and dark brown color. It all depends on the preferences of the customer.

As an addition, the seller often offers two special services for woodland tiling. First, there is the proposal for a specialized installation that will take care of the tiling work entirely, and there is also the regular parquet washing service which is done using a special product. It should be noted here that it is necessary to be cautious and not to wash the parquet by pouring water, because it could swell and be damaged over time.


Classically, the ceramic material tiling is a type that appeared before that of wood, but ceramics have undergone several evolutions with more and more modern versions. At the start of the 21st century, the version that is very popular with people is that of smooth ceramic.

Compared to the price, the statistics approve that ceramic is moderately 40% cheaper than wood for parquet, which is why it is used by almost 65% of houses built after 2010. It is getting ready. also simple to maintenance and cleaning which is done with domestic water without any problem.

In terms of decoration, the ceramic paver is marketed in square or rectangle format to make different mosaics in the house. Likewise, there are various patterns on the market, as in the case of wood cladding, which mainly contain stripes, or designs, or even round effects.

In terms of color, it should be noted that the market offers more colors for ceramics than for wood. Generally, the customer tends towards standard colors that will match the various pieces of furniture in the house without hindering the decoration. In this case, there is the ceramic in beige, light orange, light brown, dark brown, gray or white with light gray texture. There is still a trend that is starting to pick up, it is the use of ceramic paving stones but with the effect of wooden parquet, this gives an illusory woody effect whereas the real material is ceramic.

In the light of the above, we have presented the two types of interior tiles which have more popularity in the market: First there is the wooden parquet is more charming and it can be used alone without carpet due to its faculty. thermal insulation which preserves the temperature of the chamber, and again there is ceramic which is cheaper and easier to maintain.