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Technical sensors for safety & comfort of your home


The most basic technical sensors to have at home

The remarkable advancement of technology all over the world has certainly left its mark in several fields, this is exactly the case for the home field where today we observe the appearance of several technological equipment that has become essential in our life.

This publication discusses the interest of having well-defined sensors in the house, and this to perform well-specified functions such as ensuring the safety and comfort for the inhabitants, these two objectives are already the most promising. useful in this sense.


This is the type of sensor intended to be used in places where we want to detect the movements of people. It is generally installed on ceilings, and it is based on detection by the technological principle of infrared.

For the comfort side, the motion sensor can be used for the automatic switching on and off of the lighting. It can be attached to the toilets / showers or at the level of some rooms, in order to ensure comfort for the inhabitants without pushing them to try to do these operations manually.

As for security, the motion sensor is generally used outside the home to monitor the movements of individuals, and then give signals to an automated unit.


The house is a closed environment that contains a lot of energy sources used for heating and cooking. These sources of energy can be dangerous for property and people, because they could be behind the start of an unfavorable fire.

The most preferred sensor by the inhabitants of the house is the Smoke Detector, this is a sensor which is in turn also installed in a recessed way on the ceiling, and which contains a cell capable of detecting the presence of smoke, given that the smoke and the presence of a flame or fire.

We advise people here to install them especially at the level of the kitchen and at the level of the living room containing the fireplace, because they allow sound alerts to be given to sirens. This practice will reduce the risks associated with a disaster caused by fire, and allow residents to take the necessary measures to face this emergency.


Notifying the home against the arrival of suspected persons is a safety priority for every homeowner. The right solution to do this is to install an intercom or videophone system, it all depends on your choice.

Each time someone goes to the main door of the house by ringing, the intercom makes it possible to make a telephone call between the visitor and the inhabitant, and then decide whether the door can be opened remotely for the visitor or not. Likewise, the videophone can perform the same function but with an additional camera.

Based on what has been presented above, it is very important to bring sensor technology to our home, for the simple reason of helping to strengthen the safety of personnel, as well as improving the comfort of all inhabitants.