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Celebrate wonderful Christmas eve at home through that way

Celebrate wonderful Christmas eve at home through that way

All over the world, each New Year is always marked by special celebrations, which require special preparations. These holidays are marked by the coincidence with the winter season, which gives a special charm to this event.

With the approach of the Christmas celebration period, there are different forms of celebration among people, there are those who prefer to celebrate outdoors in the open air in public places, others who enjoy celebrating Christmas. in a lively dinner, but there is also the possibility of celebrating it at home at home with the members of the family.

Here are some considerations to take into account when celebrating Christmas at home:

1- Everything is around the fir tree :

This tree represents a historical symbol of the Christmas holidays, especially since it has an intimate relationship with the winter season and the snowfall. At home, we can use an artificial tree 2 meters high and place it in the center of our living room.
From a decoration point of view, you can adorn the fir tree by putting a series of small colored and flashing lamps mounted on a sheathed electric cable. As you also have the possibility of fixing on the branches of your tree shiny ornamental balls of different colors (gold, silver, red).

2- Prepare a special pie :

The candle pie is the symbolic food item for celebrating birthdays, which is the case here because we are talking about an event that announces the end of one year and the birth of another.
Usually, the shape of the pie should be either round or square, as it can be prepared in one or two layers according to your wishes. At the base, it is creamy but it can be completed with an inner layer of biscuit or chocolate. But the interesting thing is to put red candles and write the numbers of the new year "2021" in the middle of the pie.

3- "Santa Claus" costume clothes :

During the evening of December 31, it is appropriate to do a kind of theater in the house wearing the clothes of Santa Claus, these clothes are marked by a red outfit with a white belt, black shoes, a red riding hood, as well as the famous white beard. This character will play the role of distributing the gifts to the various family members at home, and it is an opportunity to take collective photos around the tree, and it will remain a magnificent memory engraved at home.

4- Create animation :

As it is necessary to have all the pieces to have a correct puzzle, it is necessary to create an animation frame during the New Years Eve to complete the picture of the perfect party. This animation can be done by lighting pieces of music related to the event, which reflect the joy and good humor among the inhabitants of the house.

Go for it ! there is not much time left to prepare for this wonderful party which is not going to cost you a lot of money, and especially remember to take group photos.


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  1. Thank's for the tips !
    Good celebration

  2. Happy new year !
    Hope you better and healthier life in 2021.


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