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3 recommended types of trees to plant in your villa garden

What are the 3 types of trees to plant in your villa garden ?

There are many tree planting solutions that you can consider in your home garden, it depends on everyone's choice depending on the overall harmony of your green space. In this article, we present the main types of trees that you can plant.

1- The interest of planting trees in a garden:

We recognize the idea that many homeowners believe that planting sod is the most basic thing in a garden, but we must admit that adding flowers and trees is also necessary for a few reasons.

First, the tree is a real oxygen production plant in our life, it can be considered the lung of your garden because it will allow the inhabitants to breathe pure oxygen that is beneficial for health.

Then, the tree is a way to create shade in your house, that said in the sense that the person wishing to have a moment of relaxation in the garden needs to have shade, which creates a peaceful environment in this area. Domestic natural space.

In addition, the trees can be used as a refuge area for birds, which makes it possible to complete the picture of nature which must be marked by the coexistence of fauna and flora.

Finally, the inhabitants of villas with a low fence wall often prefer to reinforce this fence by planting trees, which shows their security role, which also gives a particular charm when seen from the outside.

2- The types of trees to put in your home garden :

According to taste, the main types of trees for planting in the garden are summarized as follows:

  • Basil tree :
It is a type widely used in villas in coastal towns because it is planted during all seasons, and it supports high levels of salinity, and it allows creating harmony in the gardens. Indeed, these trees are of a small height which varies between 1 meter and 2 meters, it is composed of dense leaves which are similar to those of mint. In addition, basil needs regular irrigation and monthly fertilization.

  • Eucalyptus tree :
It is an urban tree known to the type with the longest pieces of hardwood in the world. It will be able to grow villas on semi-arid land, its leaves are relatively long and soft, and they are often green and light. Its irrigation system is normal and requires attention at regular time intervals. We can enrich their soil with fertilizers once every 2 months. It is a type which also has a medicinal interest especially in times of seasonal flu.

  • Fruit trees :
These are the trees that make it possible to produce fruit at the level of their branches. They are suitable for people who wish to have fruit grown at home. Among these trees there are apple trees which produce apples, orange trees which produce orange, mulberry trees which produce strawberries ...

In light of the above, we assure you that the existence of trees in gardens is a vital issue. Likewise, their types vary according to the choices of the inhabitants, but it is however possible to envisage a mixture of the trees planted.


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  1. My professional opinion would be to consider all trees for planting.
    But before you decide which tree are not suitable for your landscape consider these factors:
    - Climate as temperature, sunshine, rainfall, etc - are the trees appropriate for the geographical conditions? (dont plant palm trees in Alaska!)
    - Geological conditions - some trees prefer acid soils, some other prefer alkaline.
    - Design constraints - would you plant a Metasequoia giganteum in a courtyard of 10 sqm?
    - personal preferences

  2. What is the best tree to grow in a small garden?


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