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Thermal solutions at home to get warm during the winter season

You have certainly noticed that there is a strong cold snap that has started since the start of this winter season. This particular climate requires early preparation to guard against influenza illness, especially with the current existence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The said preparation for the cold climate is done at several levels: there is the one that has to do with the clothes, the one that adjusts the feeding system according to the weather, and there are also the preparations that relate to the thermal solutions that we must put inside our house.


Having become a solution favored by several home owners, the electric heater makes it possible to create domestic heating at home while mixing between conviviality and warmth. It gives the possibility of heating while maintaining the temperature at a well-defined setpoint. However, it does not require a regular filling of gas, because it works only by the electric resistances which give the heat by Joule effect.


Split-System air conditioners are used for both cooling and heating. They ensure fresh air at a temperature setpoint defined by the user. Their maintenance requires filling with thermal gas if there is a leak in the condenser or in the evaporator. It is then sufficient to choose the brands which have a good reputation among customers to enjoy efficient and durable hot air conditioning.


It is certain that the winter season will also bring you to make changes in the furnishings of your home. The first thing to think about is putting on bed covers and duvets that allow you to warm up during the night when it is very cold. The second thing to think about is to cover the floor of the most frequented rooms with rugs, this practice will guarantee the preservation of the existing heat in the house, and thus create a kind of thermal insulation thanks to the carpet made of cotton and silk linen.


Classically, wood-burning fireplaces are the oldest to be used in homes during the winter. They give a particular charm today in the houses, because it goes back the reflection towards the way of life of the first humans who lived on the earth, and who used wood as the main means of direct heating. However, it must also be recognized that there are dangers behind such a burn and fire. As for the burn, it is necessary to put a barrier of physical isolation to prevent the approach of children to the fire. With regard to the fire, it is necessary to put fire extinguishers very close to the chimney to use it in case of danger.


After a nice hot shower overnight, it's time to sleep under a warm duvet to keep the body warm. However, there is a very favored practice among many people which is that of using the famous hot water bottles inside the bed cover. This bottle is made by the malleable plastic fills with a maximum of 3 liters of hot water and will be the main source of heat transfer to your during the night by the principle of conduction, and this when the cold wave reaches degrees of very low temperature. I would like to draw your attention here that it is necessary to ensure that it is completely watertight via the correct closing of its cap, and the correct condition of its seal. The duration of use of these bottles is 1 to 2 consecutive winter seasons.

In addition, if you are in the process of building your house, we recommend that you opt for the installation of a thermal insulation system that allows the thermal insulation of the walls of your home, which will also be beneficial in terms of reduction. of your energy bill when you use electric heaters indoors.

Finally, you have certainly noticed that the provisions presented are necessary to spend a beautiful winter season and to enjoy its beauty. On the other hand, if we do not take these recommendations into account, we risk falling into the mess of diseases and contagions, and depriving ourselves of enjoying the beauty of this cold season which has its own charm.


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  1. Why is thermal comfort important?

    1. Thermal comfort is a situation of thoughts/body that expresses pride with the thermal environment. Due to its subjectivity, thermal comfort may be unique for people.

      Thermal consolation is maintained while the heat generated by means of the human metabolism is allowed to expend at a fee that maintains thermal equilibrium within the body.

      Any heat benefit or loss past this generates good-sized pain. Essentially, to hold Thermal consolation, warmth produced need to identical heat lost.

      Thermal comfort is critical for health and well-being as well as productiveness. ... As you could bet, thermal comfort has to do with more than the temperature.

      It may be accomplished most effective when the air temperature, humidity and the motion of the air are in proper balance with each different.


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