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During the winter, be careful to the use of Water Heaters

During the winter, be careful to the use of Water Heaters

During the winter season, the need to use water heaters in the house increases significantly, for the simple reason that the weather is cold and people need to warm up to protect themselves from influenza illnesses.

In the same context, one should pay attention to the risks associated with the use of these water heaters, because they use dangerous energies that can cause serious accidents in the house, they can be material accidents or fatal human accidents.

People's choice falls into two main categories: the first population prefers the use of electric technology, and the second population opts for gas water heaters, while there is a minority of people who lean towards solar heating. Let's find out about the pros and cons of each type.


  • Advantages :

Truth be told, most people opt for gas-based water heaters in their homes. This technology is the most classic because it is the most economical. Indeed, it does not require a large budget for installation and regular maintenance, in addition to it does not require regular descaling of the water bowl. The only known maintenance operations are replacing the valve every five years, and changing the ignition battery once a year.

In the same sense, the gas water heater is the one that has the highest energy efficiency compared to the electric water heater. It thus makes it possible not to have large heat losses and it gives the possibility of having hot water immediately without waiting too long.

  • Disadvantages :

The greatest danger of the gas water heater is that of the possibility of emanation of the toxic gas of Carbon Monoxide (chemical formula: CO), this gas has caused several fatal poisonings in showers and bathrooms all over the world. world especially that it is odorless and colorless.

The solution to reduce the risks associated with this danger is to install it in your balcony or on an outdoor terrace, and above all to avoid installing it inside the house or in the bathroom. In addition, it must absolutely be connected to a chimney for the evacuation of the reaction gases to the outside.

Finally, you must increase vigilance during the winter season by opening the windows of the house from time to time to ventilate the house and avoid having toxic gases trapped in your home.


  • Advantages :

As you certainly know, the penchant of people towards the electric water heater is justified by the fact that toxic gas CO escapes, since it is based on an electric boiler which heats a determined quantity of water in the water. 'continuously by means of internal electrical resistances. This rationale is also consolidated by the ease of installation of electric water heaters compared to gas ones, as they can be placed in different places of the house.

  • Disadvantages :

Although it has advantages, the electric water heater has its own disadvantages. The main disadvantage of the electric water heater is that there is the possibility of electrocution of the wet person in the bathroom, this electrocution can occur if ever there is an internal electrical short circuit in the boiler, that is the passage of electric current through the water that the bather uses. Our advice here is to unplug the power outlet just before swimming, after making sure that the water temperature is correct via a reading on the needle of the thermostat.

In the light of the above, we have seen that for each type of water heater there are advantages and disadvantages, as we have also seen that there are points of vigilance to be taken into account to protect against their risks.

In addition, there is now a third trend which is that of solar water heaters, it seems ecological and free energy, we will have the opportunity to deal with it later.


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  1. Thank you for this interesting post, really we should be more careful...

    May God save us from water heater dangers !

  2. How do I get thermal comfort in home?

    1. Here is an in-depth article explaining how you can ensure thermal comfort in interior spaces :


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