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5 tips to prevent your washing machine from damage

5 tips to prevent your washing machine from damage

Washing clothes is one of the main household tasks in any house, this task can be done either by an automatic or semi-automatic machine. Below are some tips to put in mind to prevent the state of health of these machines.

1- Choosing the correct position for the washing machine: 

When you decide to choose the position where to install the washing machine, you have to think about a few points. First, it should not be placed directly on the ground to preserve it against corrosion, it is then necessary to put specific brackets which also allow protection against corrosion. Then, it should be put away from areas with high humidity to keep its electronic cards against malfunction.

2- Drum washing:

According to the washing machine manufacturers, it is strongly recommended washing the drum using an option specifically designed for this purpose at the control panel. This wash lasts on average 30 minutes and allows the body of the machine to be rinsed with lukewarm water to remove dirt and suspended solids. In general, this washing operation is carried out after every 40 washes of clothes.

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3- Cleaning the water filter:

This is a basic maintenance operation to be done at least every 6 months, it consists of extracting the filter from its housing and cleaning it using water to remove harmful clogging to the correct operation of the machine.

4- Respect the weight of the machine:

Each brand grants a maximum mass in kilograms to be respected, there are weights that vary between 6 and 15 kg depending on the size. Compliance with this requirement is necessary on two points: the first is that the machine is more efficient because it can treat all the dirty parts of the clothes. The second point is that it allows the machine to walk relieved away from critical areas of failure.

5- Make the right choice of detergent:

There are two types of detergents commonly used in washing machines. The first is lye in powder form, and the second is lye in liquid form. Currently, almost all the machines admit the two types of products, but it is necessary to be careful that each product has its own box in the machine, as you must not use the detergent intended for the normal machine in an automatic machine !

6- Covering your washing machine seems to be good:

Covering the washing machine is now becoming a highly desirable recommendation, especially if you decide to put it on the balcony outside the house. In fact, subjecting the machine to bad weather (humidity, high sun temperature, rain, cold snap, etc.) may alter its normal operation even if it is manufactured according to international standards. Therefore, the designers have thought of marketing in the market plastic covers intended specifically for this use, and they are available in different sizes in the market.

As you all know, maintenance is the only way to ensure the survival of equipment and ensure its longevity and proper functioning, that's why you should respect these precious tips.


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