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12 basic household appliances to equip your new kitchen

12 basic household appliances to equip your new kitchen

The kitchen is a main center of interest in the house which is distinguished by several peculiarities, in particular the presence of all kinds of energy for cooking, as well as several household appliances that serve to help users to properly manage their food and dishes.

You will find below the main household appliances that you should use to equip your kitchen properly. These machines are divided into two main types :


  • The refrigerator:

It is the equipment intended for the conservation in good condition of the various foods. By putting them at a low temperature, we avoid contaminating our food with microbes and bacteria which come to life favorably at room temperature. This equipment also includes a refrigeration unit which helps you to preserve food in an environment full of freshness.

  • The freezer:

It has the same role as the refrigerator except that it is intended for preserving for long periods, especially for meats and fish at very low temperature. It often has a single door that opens upwards, and can also contain fresh ice-cream.

  • The dishwasher:

This is an automatic machine, inside which dirty dishes are placed to wash them for a period specified by the user. The timed washing of the plates is done in two stages: the first is washing at high temperature to defrost the dirt, and the second is rinsing the dishes with plenty of water.

  • The stove:

Is the main equipment intended for cooking, it can operate either on gas or electricity. Its assembly is done in a recessed manner on the kitchen garden, and may include several fires depending on the choice and the available surface.

  • The extractor hood: 

This is a piece of equipment intended to convey the steam released by all kinds of cooking done on the stove. It is mounted recessed in the ceiling just above the stove, and it conveys the steam in a forced way towards the chimney of the house.

  • The washing machine: 

This is the household appliance intended for washing clothes, it can be either semi-automatic or automatic. At the time of construction, a water source, an electrical outlet and a wastewater discharge line must be provided. 

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  • The blender:

It has a glass jar which connects above a lower motor part. Its role is to contain the pieces of fruit by kneading them electrically to make juices.

  • The fryer:

Is a stainless steel container intended to contain the potato fillets to make well-made fries.

  • The cooker:

Is a machine intended to produce steam from water. The goal is to cook foods with steam, such as rice, vegetables, and meat.

  • The coffee grinder: 

Is the machine intended to prepare different kinds of coffees, thanks to the mixture of water, coffee and milk.

  • The microwave: 

Is a small oven that works thanks to electromagnetic waves, it is generally used to heat a hot meal already prepared in advance.

  • The kettle: 

It is a container that is used to conventionally heat water for different uses, such as performing ablution.

In view of the above, we have presented 12 basic equipments for a good culinary preparation. Of course these are not the only ones, you can still add other machines that have become countless today.


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  1. What's your favorite household appliance?


  2. For sheer indispensability, i will have to mention it is a toss-up among refrigerator and washing machine. Neither are horny, and i don't usually get enthusiastic about running them, however to take into account what every of them saves (clean meals and significant amounts of exertions, respectively), those are certainly the appliances i might least like to do without. I will do most the whole lot else myself, if it comes to it. If I genuinely had to cook dinner in a pan on a fireplace, I may want to. I will air dry my garments.

  3. I consider the refrigerator to be the most useful household appliance I have. Among other household appliances I would put refrigerator ahead because of its usefulness specifically for me. I live in an apartment and mostly maintain all of my tasks by myself. I can't think of living without the refrigerator I do have.

    Without the refrigerator life would have been much difficult. I would have to go to shop every now and then and buy only minimum amount of fruits, vegetables and other food items that I would be able to eat in a day.


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