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The answers to the main concerns to have a Dressing room at home.

When we are visiting hotel suites, we often talk about closets with several drawers of various sizes, these super-closets are called "Dressing". Today, this type of closet has also become a clothing storage trend in homes.

The Dressing Room is a perfect place to store the clothes and accessories optimally. It is characterized by its width and it can occupy an entire room or a space in the house that is reserved for it, like the parental room.


The distinction of the Dressing room is that it can be made to measure and therefore adapt to all types of surfaces.

To control and optimize the organization and therefore facilitate access to clothing, the walk-in closet must be designed by respecting a few rules of dimensions: on average, 50 cm deep, a height of 1 meter for hanging shirts and jackets, 1.50 m for coats, women's dresses and pants.

Similarly, you can also choose between opting for closed wardrobes like classic wardrobes, or choosing open concept wardrobes. The latter option is strongly recommended if the house is located in a geographic region with high humidity, and whose clothes require continuous ventilation to avoid damaging them.


The second solution is to carry out your project yourself by building your shelves and wardrobes or by buying ready-to-wear furniture that will still have to be assembled.

In addition, there is also the possibility of fixing mirrors at the level of optimized places which meet both their classic need to be seen, and which also offer an exceptional decorative charm to your dressing room.

Among the places where it is good to install mirrors on wooden wardrobes, there is the outside place in the middle, by putting a long mirror (length between 1.85 meters and 2 meters) and (width between 0.6 meters and 2 meters). There is also the idea of ​​adding a similar mirror to the interior, or opting for a round mirror altogether.


Many people who already had a house built want to switch their choice to walk-in closets instead of traditional closets, especially with the increase in the number of pieces of clothing per person. This decision must be based primarily on the investment cost.

The budget of a Dressing room depends on several factors (Quality of wood, Dressing kit, intervention by a professional, size etc...).
If the Dressing Room is designed by yourself, the allocated budget is around $ 1000. If built by a professional, it could exceed $ 3000. 

Obviously, there is no question that the advent of walk-in wardrobes and the spread of their use have been very successful, because it has significantly solved the problems of storing clothes for family members.

For those who are building their new home, I recommend that you make dressing rooms, because their budget does not exceed 120% of the budget of a classic closet.

For those who wish to change their old cupboards, I tell them : Go ahead, it's time to think about having your own dressing room at home !