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Learn to choose your interior painting colors

Warm, cold, pastel... Learn to choose your interior Painting Colors.

Knowing how to choose interior paint colors for a home takes a lot of experience and innovation. You should think about what kind of atmosphere you want to create before choosing a color or a kind of painting.

Some shades add weight to the part, while others have a lighter weight. There are also differences between warm, cool and neutral colors that affect surely on the look of the room area. That's why I have decided to give you below some tips to help you in your choices :

1- Giving natural vibes inside the house by painting :

Painting the room in Green Color for a nature vibes and let this shading mix effectively into most rooms. Green dividers will in general give quiet and a conviction that all is good, however they can likewise mirror green light ineffectively and make your skin shading unappealing, particularly when green is utilized on the roof. So green probably won't be the most ideal decision for washrooms.

2- The role of painting in creating a feeling of conviviality :

Pick a warm tone for aggregating articulation and quality. Warm shadings give you a sentiment of warmth and protection, pick cool tones to make a quieting impact, cool tones search useful for unwinding, lighter shades look cool and clean, while more obscure shades can be practically therapeudic.
In the same sense, the feeling of conviviality can be expressed in the parental bedroom for example, by putting a warm color paint such as red on all the facades, or even dark red on a single facade which is the one behind the box spring.

3- Enlarge fictivly the area of your room using painting effects :

Mixing the colors more will usually create a space that looks wider and more open, while adding the visual weight of the wall by choosing bright and vivid colors, bright colors are eye-catching, if you want to draw attention to the walls. walls, a particular wall, or on the ceiling, and consider using a bolder color than any other color in the room.
Make a small room appear larger by painting the walls in a light color. A small bathroom or a small bathroom looks more open if the walls are painted white or in pastel colors. Pastels are particularly effective in making the room bigger.

4- Making your room appears higher using painting technics : 

Create an illusion of height by painting the ceiling in a light color, because usually light colors on the ceiling attract attention of people. However, you have to know one thing is that if you decide on a dark color at the ceiling, certainly know that the height of the room will appear less great, which is privileged in some cases, it is up to the user. to choose.
Along the same lines, the action on the ceiling can also be done by applying a false ceiling with white plaster with artistic decorations and boxes for electric spots and chandeliers.

All in all, the ideas presented come from feedback from several friends, who in turn assert that the choice of paint colors has a very profound impact on the living environment at home, especially if we combine the type of painting. painting with the right type of lighting.