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4 simple ideas to make wonderful Interior Decoration

Interior Decoration of my house in a few tips...

Interior decoration is certainly a concern that preoccupies the mind of every homeowner, so that there are some who prefer to offer the advice of specialists on it.

In this article, we present original ideas from the opinion of interior design specialists, which depend on the owner's taste and the types of decor.


Here you can use artistic paintings to decorate the walls of bedrooms, living rooms, as well as hallways. This method, although it is classic, has become the origin of several sources of inspiration and innovation, such as the fact that the paintings are no longer necessarily framed by a single frame, they are then increasingly put in cascades in living rooms with different frame shapes.
Alternatively, there is also the possibility to use personal photos or group photos of family members with nice frames.


We are talking here mainly about vases, candle glasses and baskets. As for vases, they are generally placed on the corners of the house and can house natural or artificial plants based on green color or on colorful flowers. Compared to glasses of candles, they are deposited in bathrooms and on tables and bedside tables. Finally, small baskets made of straw or plastic are intended to contain dead leaves from bouquets of flowers or multiple small objects such as crystal marbles, or pieces of wrapped chocolates or candies.


When entering the different rooms of the house, carpets have always been decorative objects and the inhabitants are used to cover the parts of the ground very frequented by people especially the visitors. Rugs can be used throughout a hallway, off the square or rectangular shape of the living room, around beds in bedrooms, or in the bathroom below the sinks for both absorbing water droplets and protecting the user from crawling on the wet floor of the room, this shows their important security role in the home.


Nowadays, the genesis of lighting based on LED technology has become a real trend, since it is used in 2 temperature of warm (yellow) and cold (white) lights, and especially still that it is very low energy consumption, which paved the way for the use of multiple light points in the house.
Among the common uses of LED, there is the recessing of spotlights in false ceilings, the innovation in the use of luminous chandeliers, and the use of luminous ribbons which are housed in the hidden parts of false ceilings. , and this in order to achieve a splendid effect that creates a warm atmosphere in living rooms and living rooms.

As we have just seen, there are several decorative elements on which we can act in our house to give an attractive interior charm. Usually this only requires a maximum of 15% of the furnishing cost.

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